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The founder of tradition of torch production in the north of Czech republic has been Mr. Paul Schmidt from Germany. Paul Schmidt was accupied with production of cells. In 1896 he founded an independent electrochemical experimental institute, which was renamed to DAIMON in 1901. In 1902 the firm was accupied with all-round batch production of mainly dry cells, bulbs, und cases for cells.


Consequance of difficult customs regulations between of that time Austria-Hungary and Germany was that Mr. Schmidth founded in 1911 small factory in Podmokly (in the place of today´s firm WICO B.G.M., a.s.). He employed about 20 staffs in production of cells. The production in Podmokly growth up quickly, but the company hadn´t enought own funds and the firm was financed by main company in Berlin. And so in 1916 was established limited company. Into the company was invested 75000 austrian crowns like a funds. Main investors were Mr. Schmidt (15000 austrian crowns) and his wife Mrs. Laura Schmidt (60000 austrian crowns).

historie firmy

firma ve 30tých letech

During the World War First the operation of the company and Podmokly´s factory was limited. The production of cells and cases stagnated. After 28th October 1918 firm accepted the originate name DAIMON. It was also at other firms of the concern (6 factories, 5 in Germany). Concern was in an ownership of family members of Ms. Schmidt - his wife Laura, sons Alfred and Eric and also aunt Erna Wienecke.

Podmokly´s firm Elektrotechnische Fabrik Schmidt & Co., GmbH after the forming of independent Czechoslovakia went into new environment with big problems. The contact with companies in Germany was limited and in Czechoslovakia was passing an inflation wave. In 1927 depths of firm was so huge, that it had to take mortgage from Berlin´s company. After that Berlin´s company got also into bad financial situation.


klasická svítilna (rok 1934)

English company Ever Ready Co. invested to the concern Daimon abou 1 milion Deutsch Marks and helped to solve its bad situation. According to the new contract, Englishmen had 2/3 and Mr. Schmidt 1/3 of asset of concern. The share of English capital in Podmokly´s firm was only 53%. After one year the revitalization of production began.

modre svetlo


The assortment in the time included the production of cells in 10 types, bulbs in 12 types, boxes of hand torches in 120 types, batteries in 15 types, cycling reflectors, dynamos in 15 types, special bulbs for Christmas-tree (in the form of snowmen nad birds) and other goods.


make-up se svítilnou

The factory in Podmokly started to be small and Mr. Schmidt bought the object of former textile factory Baischeitel in Děčín (today´s factory of Daymoon). There are producted special lamps and dwarf bulbs, boxes of lamps and other tiny production. The production of cells and batteries, etc. remainded in Podmokly.

The profit and turnover have constantly risen:

  • turnover in 1928 11 528 000,- Kč
  • turnover in 1932 23 921 000,- Kč
  • turnover in 1938 47 460 000,- Kč

The step of production was triple towards the other firms of concern. During the years 1931-1936 the Podmokly´s factory refunded the loan of English capital.


During the World War II the production depreciated again. The firm made abou 60% of its production to German army (Wermacht). This production included lamps for army, lamps for tanks, complete tops of bombshells, clockworks for timed mines, mantles of cartridges, dry-cells and other products, especially pressed metal parts for other companies.

In the year 1946, the company was communized and took the part of national enterprise Bateria Slaný. The base of production was reduced of pocket lamps (the production of bulbs was transfered to Tesla Brno, production of dynamos to Brno). In the beginning of year 1954 the firm had been transformed to independent company Bateria and in the next year it was fused with company Kooh-i-noor in Děčín 9. The firm started to be the plant No.03.


In the year 1956 the new production of umbrella´s frames, cases of lip-sticks, lockets for zips, fittings for automobile industry and production of light pressed goods were initialized as a compensation for undone production of bulbs and dynamos.


velmi známá svítilna MY DAY



The company has separated from Kooh-i-noor in the year 1990 with a new name Daymoon.

In the year 1993, after privatisation, the Daymoon company started to be a part of joint-stock company Omikron and since the year 1994 it has been an independent joint-stock company DAYMOON. Company Daymoon in Děčín was created after privatization in 1994.

The history of the company started since the end of the last century. A wide range of the original production including processing of ferrous metal goods, bulbs, dry cells, torch cases, boxes and packaging for cosmetics, and later they produced umbrella parts and skeletons, bicycle seats, etc.

The underlying current production is the range - about 25 types of classic metal, plastic, combined torches, and since the year 1998 also rechargeable lamps 12 V. Further activity of the company is in the field on metal processing (cold-pressing), surface treatment of parts by nickel-plating, brass plating, acid cleaning process, coppering, phosphate coating, chromate surface coating or powder coating.

The technical background enables Tool and Mould manufacturing as for its own production and make to order. The product range includes a range of special torches, and also standard and economical bulbs and cells of all


Fügnerova 51, 40502 Děčín I


+420 412 583 102


Základem současné produkce je kovovýroba (lisování za studena), povrchové úpravy práškovým lakováním a otryskáváním. Dále výroba kapesních svítilen cca 25 typů klasických kovových, plastových, kombinovaných a od r.1998 také dobíjecích svítilen na 12V.

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