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SellerSelling company DAYMOON, a.s. (identification number 61534056) business address Fügnerova 51, 405 01 Děčín 1, is in the commercial register of the District Court entered in Ústí nad Labem, section B, insert.606. 

PurchaserConsumers (person involved in the completion of the contract and contract performance is not under their own business or enterprise involved) right of the seller relationship with the consumer that is not in these terms and not with an individual contract, are based on the Law No. 40 / ECR 1964 (Civil Code) in full text of the law and related regulations. The entrepreneurial subject - legal relations of the seller and the purchaser, not in these terms and not with an individual contract, are based on the Law No. 513/1991 Coll (business law) in full text of the law and related regulations. 

price of the goodsThe goods on the Internet catalogue price is always current and valid. The seller reserved the right to price the buyer change without explicit noted. The changes of the prices of the goods on the Internet have no effect on the entire value of orders already received by the purchaser. The price is fixed including of VAT. . The transport costs are to the debit of the purchaser. 

Communication toolsFor the purpose of mutual understanding of the purchaser and the seller serves you a phone, a fax or e-mail. The use of the means of distance telecommunication covers the buyer or the seller according to the charakter of use of communication, applicable conditions and the service provider Tariff.

mail orderThe purchaser can order the goods on Internet business. The accepted order will be binding for both Parties from its conformation of the seller by phone or by e-mail. The confirmation is based on the order specified by the purchaser data. If the purchaser submits an order to the seller, and nothing else was arranged, is the specified price of the catalogue on the Internet valid. The order is considered as fulfiled at the moment of acquisition of goods by the purchaser at the designated destination, or by a third person (transport companies). The purchaser can change or cancel the order at any time up until the moment of its execution. The seller has the right to cancel the order if the goods for the purchaser are no longer produced or the supplies were cut. 

delivery dateA firm date of delivery if the goods are in stock or the planned delivery date, provided the goods are not in stock, the confirmation of the order will be fixed at the moment of its confirmation. 

terms of paymentThe product is for the assumption by the purchaser paid in cash. The purchaser gets a tax receipt of the law for all VAT requirements. The merchandise remains the property of the seller until full payment. 

withdrawal of the contractIn accordance with the law No. 40/1964 Coll (Civil Code), the purchaser (consumer) has the right to the fulfilment of the conditions according to the legislation of the contract to withdraw from the contract within 14 days after the acquisition of goods. The purchaser may realise his right to bring back the goods by himself or deliver the goods at their own expense through any forwarders. If the purchaser decides to withdraw from the contract it is necessary to fulfil the following conditions: - goods, which he intends to return must be undamaged, with no sign of their use and wear, - in original packaging, - with all the accessories (including therefore instruction manual, warranty card, etc.). For a prompt refund, we recommend to the returned goods enclose a letter with a handwritten signature attached. I withdraw from the completed purchase contract, according order (order number), date of the order item. The returned amount for any returned goods please remit to the account number (account number). We recommend to send the goods by registered and insured. (Per enroll is not cash on delivery charge!) Purchaser can not withdraw from the contract: - For the delivery of goods or services which price depends on the financial market response is independent of the willingness of the seller. Liability for defects / Complaints Lodge a claim and the way of their settlement solves the complaints terms. 

Protection of personal detailsAny personal details of the purchaser consider the seller as private and confidential. These data are reliably protected on our server kept and are not for a third person available. Exceptions are external freight forwarder, possibly financial institutions, which provide hire-purchase, and only then, if necessary, it is for the delivery of goods to the client is required. Any stored personal details of the purchaser can be delete on the basis of a request by telephone or e-mail from Database. Information of the purchaser to be in agreement with the applicable laws of the Czech Republic saved, and in particular the agreement of Law No. 101/2000 Coll of protecting against abuse of personal data in data processing in version of the annexes and the subsequent rules. 

concluding provisionsThe non-regulated Conditions in these relations are based on the relevant provisions of Law No. 40/1964 Coll (Civil Law), in agreement of the valid Act No. 513/1991 Coll (Commercial Code) in the current agreement. The seller reserves the right of these terms to change at any time. This change and its effectiveness announces the seller in appropriate way on the web pages or in any other appropriate manner. These terms are valid as of 1.11.2005

Wording of the terms of complaint conditions

General Provisions

  1. This complaint conditions refer only to goods purchased by the seller (hereinafter, commodity, and in the period of liability, the purchaser claims his rights of responsibility for errors claims (hereinafter, "complaint").
  2. The seller is the company DAYMOON a.s. (Hereinafter, the seller").
  3. The purchaser is a natural or a legal person, who concluded a contract with the purchaser which is subject of a complaint.
  4. 4.These complaint conditions are totally in agreement of Law No. 40/1964 Coll, civil law (hereinafter, "Law,,), and in situations that are not directly solved to these complaints are regulated according to this law. If the purchaser is a entrepreneurial company (identification number and / or tax identification number on the tax document is specified, the complaint entirely is regulated by Act No. 513/1991 Coll Trading Act.

Warranty terms

  1. The warranty period is on the tax receipt of the goods. If it is not specified, it is by law to 24 months, except in the law specified exceptions.
  2. If the ordered goods show any evident defects (such as damaged packaging), on the collection of goods the purchaser has the right not to accept the goods. In this case, the goods are returned to the seller. The seller is obliged to meet the duty to set in order everything and send the goods again to the purchaser as soon as possible.
  3. In the case that the use of the product in the complaint deadline goods defects arise, the purchaser in accordance with these conditions, assert a complaint.
  4. 4.The purchaser is entitled to withdraw from the contract in all cases determined by the law. The withdrawal from contract enters into force on the date of the acceptance of goods of the seller. The seller has the right not to accept the goods from the purchaser in the case determined by law and the circumstances of the seller if the conditions are not met. In the case of the withdrawal from the contract, the contract is fully resolved and the contracting parties are obliged to all fulfilments, on the basis of which were done, reimbursed. More details of the withdrawal from the contract a contract can be found in the business conditions.

Settlement of complaint

  1. The place for the settlement of a complaint is the operating department.
  2. For every assertion of a complaint is a form required (hereinafter, form,,) In the event of a return of the disputed goods to the seller by means of transport service is purchaser of the goods committed to enclose a completed form. This form you can get it via e-mail, by fax or post.
  3. In the case of return of goods to the seller is the date of acceptance by the seller of the receipt of the complaint last component of the product. The day the complaint handling the day handed over to the shipper. In this case, the purchaser is also obliged to send the disputed merchandise with all the accessories a together with the original of the warranty card and the form and a copy of the tax voucher. The purchaser is obliged to prepare the goods for shipment, to avoid any damage of the goods, it is also obliged nature of the goods according to describe (fragile, etc.) In this transport the purchaser, who assert the claim is responsible for the proper notification to the seller.
  4. The complaint must be settled immediately and be done as soon as possible, not later than the legal time limit of 30 days on the next day after the notification of claim to the address of the sellers office, provided the seller and the purchaser have not agreed a longer period of time. If this is not the case, the purchaser has the same rights and responsibilities as if it were non-recoverable deficiencies.
  5. The purchaser is obliged to accept the settled claim as soon as possible after the call to the seller, potentially to agree with purchasers on the terms of the transport.
  6. The seller indicates the complaint as unjustified in the event that:
  • the defects were caused by improper operation (installation), ordinary wear and tear or improper handling or inadequate use of the CSN,
  • was the shortcoming caused by forcible damage,
  • it was detected the protection Siegel, the trademark, label with the manufacturing numbers has been damaged.
  1. 7.The seller must provide the purchaser with a complaint log, in the least, the date the claim is accepted, the date of the complaint handling, the deficiencies in the manner set their elimination.

Concluding provisions

  1. The seller recommends the purchaser to inform the seller in the event of any complaint in advance of its intention to submit a claim to exercise and the seller recommends the most appropriate solution of the complaint, owing to the charakter of the product and the shortcomings.
  2. This complaint conditions take effect as of November 1 2005. Alternations reserved.


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